Please always read the sellers refund policy!

We strive to protect both sellers and buyers we have some conditions in place for this reason.

We expect all customers to be honest when making a refund claim and to provide proof of their claim.

All refunds are to be made in your wallet. you can then spend this on your next shopping.

You are entitled to a refund:

  • If the item is not as described on the seller store
  • The product is broken when it arrived ( if the seller is proved to be wrong you get a refund after you return the product ( check with the seller who is responsible for the return shipping cost) if the seller provide evidence to prove he/she is right, you will not be granted refund.
  • If you receive your item broken, you may contact your sell, but bare in mind the shipping company might also be responsible. Sometimes you might have to take up the issue with your shipping company and apply for a refund of your item total cost from them.
  • The Product is not Genuine as the seller claimed. You must ask the seller if the product is guaranteed to be genuine and not a counterfeit and the seller must mention in his/her reply message the product is guaranteed to be genuine in order for you to get a refund under this case.

Partial Refund

  • Partial refund is to be agreed upon with your seller. This will depend of the issue. Always have proof to strengthen your claim.
  • You can contact us directly if you cannot solve this issue with your seller.

You are not entitled to a refund:

  • If the product did not arrive due to shipping company fault
  • You did not pay for custom fee
  • The custom finds the product to be a forbidden product (if the product was sent from a supplier outside your country)
  • Product arrived broken but sellers have proof the product was sent in perfect condition
  • The damages on the product was due to the shipping company carelessness ( you file a complain with the courier to solve your issue in this case)
  • You changed your mind
  • The color is not like in the photos on the seller store ( all screens are different in settings and quality making it very difficult to see the real colour of products sold online, the seller is not responsible for your screen not showing the exact color of the product . This is out of the seller control)
  • Product does not look like the image on seller store.
  • (Remember when you shop online, things will be different from when you shop in store, this is well known. Don’t expect things when arrived to look 100% like the online store images. If you do not agree with this do not shop from us for there is no refund for products that don’t look like the images on the online store.
  • The size is too big or too small. Many times over and over again buyers are rushed to make purchases without reading seller product description where measurements are mentioned. If you are not happy with the size of the product because you fail to read the description where the measurements are clearly mentioned by the sellers you are responsible the seller will be free from any responsibility in this case.

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